The Hydro Atlantic

The Hydro is a sea going dredger 300' long and 64' wide.

  • Location: Boca Raton
  • Depth Range: 135-175′

Description: The Hydro is a sea going dredger 300′ long and 64′ wide. The bow faces proudly to the south and she sits up right. One of the mast comes nearly to 120′. Most of the deck is around 150′. A spectacular dive, it is a shame it’s not in shallower water. As you approach the wreck it almost looks alive there is so much growth on the outer hull. The swim throughs are encrusted with soft corals. Schools of fish form a circle around you as you pass through. Large schools of jacks swarm the wreck. The original cranes and rigging are still on the ship.

History: The ship was built for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1905 by Maryland Steel Corporation and named the Delaware. She was sold in 1950 to Construction Aggregates Corporation and renamed Sand Captain. In 1961, she was once again renamed, this time Ezra Sensibar, after a major rebuild. She was powered by a twin screw diesel electric plant. In 1968 she was sold to Hydromar Corporation and renamed Hydro Atlantic. On her last voyage she was being towed to a Texas salvage yard when the old hull gave out and she sank on December 7, 1987 avoiding the cutting torches.